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Domestic Research Fellow: Yang, Sui

中国收入分配研究院:Yang, Sui
Gender: Female
Research Field: Income distribution; Labor Economics
Articles or Books:
Labor Contract and Social Insurance Participation Among Migrant Workers in China, China Economic Review 2012, 23, 1195–1205,SSCI,with Qin GAO & Shi LI
Trade and Rural-urban Income Inequality: Evidence from China, Frontiers of Economics in China 2012, 7(4): 519-543,with Hao WEI & Haoji HUANG
Last Updated Time: 2015/3/30 14:00:36
Some papers showed in this website:
[2016-11-30]CIIDWPNo.54-Gao et al=Social Policy Reforms and Economic Distances in China: 2002-2013
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