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Foreign Research Fellow: Qin Gao

中国收入分配研究院:Qin Gao
Gender: Female
School / Company / Organization: Columbia University
Department: School of Social Work; China Center for Social Policy
Position: Professor
Research Field: Social Policy and Social Work
Educational Experience:
Ph.D., Columbia University; M.A., Peking University; B.A., China Youth College for Political Sciences
Articles or Books:
Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:
Gao, Q. (2010). Redistributive nature of the Chinese social benefit system: Progressive or regressive? The China Quarterly, 201(1): 1-19.
Gao, Q., Yoo, J.Y., Yang, S., & Zhai, F. (2010). Welfare residualism: A comparative study of the basic livelihood security systems in China and South Korea. International Journal of Social Welfare. DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-2397.2010.00732.x.
Gao, Q., Zhai, F. & Garfinkel, I. (2010). How does public assistance affect family expenditures? The case of urban China. World Development, 38(7), 989-1000.
Gao, Q. & Zhai, F. (2010). Demographic changes and household income in urban China: 1988-2002. Journal of Asian Public Policy, 3(1), 18-36.
Peer-reviewed Book Chapters
Gao, Q., Evans, M. & Garfinkel, I. (in press). Cash transfers and income inequality in post-socialist China and Vietnam. In Baehler, K. & Besharov, D. (eds.), Chinese Social Policy in a Time of Transition. Oxford University Press.
Gao, Q. & Riskin, C. (in press). Generosity and participation: Variations in urban China’s Minimum Livelihood Guarantee policy. In Kennedy, D. & Stiglitz, J. E. (eds.), Law and Economics with Chinese Characteristics: Institutions for Promoting Development in the 21st Century. Oxford University Press.
Gao, Q., Garfinkel, I. & Zhai, F. (in press). How effective is the Minimum Living Standard Assistance policy in urban China? Chinese version of the paper in Review of Income and Wealth (2009) published in Xu, X., Li, S., Wu, X., & Yue, X. (eds.), Productivity and Income Distribution: Macro Accounting and Micro measurement. Beijing, China: Beijing University Press.
More Outcome or Information:
12/2008 Emerging Social Work Leader Award, National Association of Social Workers – New York City Chapter
06/2008 & Invited Participant, University of Manchester Brooks World Poverty Institute
07/2007 and Columbia University Initiative for Policy Dialogue China Task Force
08/2006 Invited Plenary Session Speaker, the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth 29th General Conference, Joensuu, Finland
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