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Domestic Research Fellow: Shen, Yangyang

中国收入分配研究院:Shen, Yangyang
Gender: Female
School / Company / Organization: Beijing Normal University
Department: School of Economic and Resource Management
Research Field: Development Economics, Income Distribution, Rural Poverty, Monetary and Multidimensional Poverty
Work Experience:
2016-present: Research Association, Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI), Department of International Development, University of Oxford,
2014-2016: Researcher, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), Department of International Development, Oxford University
2013-present (Excluding 2014-2016): Post Doctor, Business School, Beijing Normal University (BNU)
Educational Experience:
2004.9 - 2008.7: School of Economics, Liaoning University
2008.9 - 2010.6: School of Economics, Nankai University
2010.9 - 2013.6: Institute for Economics, Nankai University
Articles or Books:
Co-authored Book
Shen Wei, Shen Yangyang (2012). Study on Adjustment of Personal Income Gap for Promoting Social Equity, Beijing: Economic Science Press.
Chen Zongsheng, Li Qingbin and Shen Yangyang (2012). Is China a Country of Market Economy? Beijing: China Development Press.
Peer Reviewed Journals
Sabina Alkire, Yangyang Shen, Exploring Multidimensional Poverty in China [J], Research on Economic Inequality, vol 25.
Chen Xin, Shen Yangyang. Rural Poverty Issue in Developed Areas and Exploration of Poverty Relief System in the New Era: An Example from Tianjin [J]. Nankai Economic Studies, 2014(3): 23-38.
Chen Zongsheng, Shen Yangyang and Zhou yunbo. Absolute and Relative Poverty Change in Rural China: Concurrently Discuss the Setting of the Poverty Line [J]. Management World, 2013(1): 67-77 (lead Article).
Yu Yongze, Xuan Ye, Shen Yangyang. Financial Agglomeration of Industrial Space Efficiency Spillover [J]. The Journal of World Economy, 2013(2): 93-116.
Shen Yangyang. The Impact of Economic Growth and Inequality on Rural Poverty in China: 2000-2009 [J]. The Journal of Quantitative and Technical Economics, 2012(8): 19-34.
Shen Yangyang. The Impact of Growth and Inequality on Rural Poverty in China:Based on Different Economic Activity Type Farmers [J]. Nankai Economic Studies, 2012(2): 131-150.
Shen Yangyang. Multi-angle Analysis on the Regional Imbalances of China's Insurance Industry Development——A Study Based on the Modified Data [J]. Insurance Studies, 2012(3): 12-23.
Shen Wei, Shen Yangyang. Adjustment of Personal Income Gap for Promoting Social Equity [J]. People’s Tribune [J], 2011(27): 27-30.
Chen Zongsheng, Shen Yangyang. The Development of Private Equity Funds and the Effective Supersion. China Finance [J], 2010(17): 75-76.
Rural Poverty, Growth, and Inequality in China, Springer, Germany, In Progress.
Chapters in Book
Discoveries in “Capital in the Twenty-First Centry”, China Finacial & Economic Publishing House, China, 2015 (in charge of Chapter 7 & Chapter 8, Editor: Shi Li and Ximing Yue).
More Outcome or Information:
Teaching Interest
Development Economics
Policy Applications in Multidimensional Poverty and Welfare
Teaching Experiences
Beijing Normal University, Business School
Political Economics (Undergraduate), Spring 2013 to Fall 2013
Fellowships, Honors, and Awards
Outstanding Ph.D. graduate Award, Nankai University, 2013
National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China, 2013
First Prize Scholarship, Nankai University, 2008-2013
Administrative Experience
Organized anti-poverty projects with Beijing Normal University and the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation & Development, 2014, 2015, 2017;
Organized and coordinate the Summer School of Oxford Poverty and Human development Initiative, University of Oxford, Aug, 2016.
Professional Activities
Anonymous Referee
Management World; Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics; Nankai Economic Review
Computer Proficiency
STATA, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
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Some papers showed in this website:
[2019-08-25]No.79-When Poverty Reduction Meets Democracy: The Effectiveness of Dibao Using Different Evaluation Methods
[2017-07-12]No.65-Exploring Multidimensional Poverty in China: 2010 to 2014
[2016-07-31]CIIDWPNo.52-Li, Shi-New Patterns of China's Rural Poverty
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