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Domestic Research Fellow: Sun, Zhijun

中国收入分配研究院:Sun, Zhijun
Gender: Male
Birth: 1972-8
School / Company / Organization: Beijing Normal University
Department: Department of Economics
Position: professor
Research Field: Education Economics
Work Experience:
Vice Chairman of The Chinese Society of Education—Education Economics Branch
Vice Chairman of The Chinese Society of Education Development Strategy—Education Finance Professional Committee
Deputy Editor of Journal of China Economics of Education Review
Educational Experience:
Articles or Books:
Main Journal Articles
Sun, Zhijun, Miao Hao: Educational Fiscal Effort: Concepts and Measurement Method, China Economics of Education Review, 2018, No3
Su,lifeng, Zhijun Sun: A Study on the Intentional and Influencing Factors of Senior Secondary Education Choice, Journal of Central China Normal University,2017,No.5.
Sun, Zhijun, Shunxu Peng, Jun Wang, Ying Yuan: Who Go ahead in Academic Competitions? Based on the Research of Gender Gap in Academic Performance, Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social sciences),2016, No3
Wang Jun, Sun Zhijun:Does Key Senior High School Improve Students’ Academic Performance? A Regression Discontinuity Study in County F, Peking University Education Review,2015Vol.13,No.4
Sun Zhijun: Estimates of the Return to Schooling from a Sample of Chinese Twins, China Economic Quarterly, 2014Vol.13,No,3
Sun Zhijun: Graduates’ Employment Become Worse after educational Expansion? Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social sciences)2013.2
Sun Zhijun: Research on the Characteristics and Determinants of the Promotion Rate of Junior Sec. School Graduates in China: How to Achieve the Universal Senior Middle School Education, Education & Economy, 2012.2
Sun Zhijun: Family Background, Public Expenditure on Education and Access to High Schools, Renmin University of China Education Journal,Mar.2011,No.1
Sun Zhijun, Du Yuhong, Li Tingting: The Increment and Distribution Effects of compulsory Education Finance Reform on Education Expenditure, Peking University Education Review, January 2010,Vol.8,No.1
Sun Zhijun, Du Yuhong: China Compulsory Education Finance system reform: Progress, Problems and Suggestions, Journal of Huazhong Normal University(Humanities and Social Science), Jan.2010,Vol.49,No.1
Sun Zhijun, Li Tingting: An Analysis of the Differences and Its Determinants of Primary School Expenditure: Based on School Level Data of Three Provinces, Education & Economy,2009.4
Sun Zhijun, Liu ZeYun, Sun Baicai: Children' s Achievements and Their Families and Schools: A Study Based on the Rural Areas in Gansu Province, Journal of Beijing Normal University(Social sciences),2009.5
Sun Zhijun, Du Yuhong: Does Education System Affect Rural Resident’ s Schooling and Earnings?—Evidence from Survey Data in Rongan County,Guangxi Province Chinese Journal of Population Science,2009.4
Sun Zhijun, Wang Shanmai & Cheng GangOn: Modern Financial Appropriation Institution of Higher Education, Educational Research, No.6,2009
Sun Zhijun: Changes in University Income in a Decade of Expansion in China :An Interpretation, TsingHua Journal of Education, Aug.2009,Vol.30,No.4
Cheng Gang, Sun Zhijun: A Study on the Efficiency of Chinese Universities, China Economic Quarterly, April,2008,Vol.7,No.3
Tao Chunmei, Sun Zhijun: Colleges Reform and Innovation of appropriation for basic expenses – Based on the Reform Experience since 2004 in Beijing, Finance & Trade Economics, No.10,2007
Xian Lianping, Sun Zhijun, Tao Chunmei Liang Yansong: Reform and Innovation funding system of higher education in Beijing, Research on Economics and Management,2007.9
Sun Zhijun, He Jinqiu: An Empirical Analysis of University Innovative Activities in China, TsingHua Journal of Education, 2006
Sun Zhijun: Gender Issue in the Study of Childrens Enrolment, Journal of Northwest Normal University (Social Sciences),2006.1
Sun Zhijun: Individual Returns to Education in China: Literatures and Policy Implications, Population Science of China, 2004.No.5
Sun Zhijun, Du Yuhong: Rural Labor Migration and its Impact on Household Income :A Case Study in Rural Chifeng , Neimenggu, Population & Economics.2004.4
Sun Zhijun, Du Yuhong: Determinants of Educational Level and Effects on Household Income in Rural Region: an Example of Chifeng , Inner –Mongolia, Education and Economy,2004.1
Sun Zhijun Jin Ping: Performance-based Funding Practice in Higher Education, Journal of Higher Education, Nov.,2003,Vol.24,No.6
Du Yuhong, Sun Zhijun: The Education, Income and Labor Market Experience of Underdeveloped Areas in China, Management World, 2003.9
Sun Zhijun: Determinants of the Rural People’s Education Level, Population Science of China,2003.2
Wang Shanmai, Liu Zeyun, Sun Zhijun: The Education Funding Supply and Demand Forecast of Beijing in 2008, Educational Science Research,2003.7-8
Wang Shanmai, Sun Zhijun: Current Situation and Problems of China’s Higher Education Reform and Development, Modern Higher Education (Japan) 2002.8
Sun Zhijun:Economics Review of Overeducation , Economics Information,2001.5
Du Yuhong, Sun Zhijun: Research on Compulsory Education Financing in China, Springer-Verlag 2016.
Sun Zhijun, Meng Dahu: Education, Employment and Income Inequality, Beijing Normal University Publication House,2013
Liu Zeyun, Sun Zhijun: Econometrics Using Stata, Beijing Normal University Publication House,2011.
Du Yuhong, Sun Zhijun: Research on Compulsory Education Financing in China, Beijing Normal University Publication House,2009
Sun Zhijun: The Cost of Education, Income and Household Education Decisions in rural China, Beijing Normal University Publication House,2004
Sun Zhijun(Associate Editor): Human Capital and Economic Development in Less Developed Areas, China Personnel Publishing House,2004
Research on Cost Structure and Efficiency in Colleges and Universities in China, National Social Science Fund of the Eleventh Five-year Plan Project
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