2016.5.19:John Knight教授报告:激励机制——劳动经济学与人力资源管理之间的关联
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摘要: "Famous Professors Overseas" supported by Ministry of Education of the PRC;教育部直属高校外国文教专家聘请计划海外名师项目。
关键词:劳动经济学; 人力资源管理


"Famous Professors Overseas" supported by Ministry of Education of the PRC


"Incentives: The link between labour economics and human resource management"



Professor John Knight
Visiting Professor at SEBA, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Oxford University



Date & Time 2:00-3:30pm19th May

Place Hou Zhu Building 1620

Chair Person: LI Shi, Professor of Economics at BNU


地点: 后主楼 1620



Professor John Knight is a labour and development economist who has conducted research on the Chinese economy for many years, much of it as a team member of SEBA's China Household Income Project (CHIP). He has also lectured on human resource management to SEBA's executive MBA students. His books include Towards a Labour Market in China (which won a Princeton prize for the outstanding book in labour economics and industrial relations published in 2005) and China's Remarkable Economic Growth (OUP, 2012)


John Knight教授是劳动经济学和发展经济学领域著名的经济学家,是北京师范大学经济与工商管理学院中国家户收入调查项目的主要成员之一,并且为在校学生和MBA学生讲授人力资源管理方面的讲座。John Knight教授研究中国经济问题多年,有多篇论文在AER等顶级杂志上发表,其著作Towards a Labour Market in China 获得了2005年劳动经济学和劳动关系杰出著作的普林斯顿奖。