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 China Institute for Income Distribution of Beijing Normal University

China Institute for Income Distribution of Beijing Normal University was established in November 2011. The income distribution, labor economics and development economics research consist the main characteristics of the research institutions. As the president of China Society of System Reform, the former number in the National Development and Reform Commission of The Party Group, the deputy director of the State Council, the revitalization of northeast Song Xiaowu serves as the president. As the honorary academician from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, former director of the CASS Institute of Economics, Chinese income distribution research experts Zhao Renwei is the Chairman of academic Committee. The Beijing Normal University, "Imperial scholar" Distinguish Professor, long engaged in income distribution studies Professor Li Shi serves as executive director.

Our research institute is committed to the distribution of income, poverty and labor-related areas, dynamic tracking their variation feature of China’s economic development and economic transition process. In addition, we also discuss the inner influencing factors and the mechanism of action. Relying on Beijing Normal University, College of Economics and Business Administration, we have formed a stable research team mainly by young scholars. Meanwhile, the academy has also established a very close academic relationship with many renowned scholars and other research institutions, especially has done a lot of international cooperation with Sweden, the UK, Canada, Australia and France and other foreign scholars, finally accumulated a wide range of international academic communication channels.


China Household Income Projects

In the long-term research, the research institute has accumulated a wealth of research data. Based on the household survey data in 1988, 1995, 2002 and 2007, we formed the “CHIPS” database which was named by international academic community, also known as the most authoritative basic data in the field of China's income distribution and labor market research so far.


The IDRC/CIGI China Scholars Poverty Research Network

Parting from the economic research, the Court also attaches importance to the training of young economists. With the support of Canada's international development research center, we carried out “The Young China Scholar Network” program in cooperation with University of Western Ontario. In order to promote the research on China's economic and social development and the growth of young scholars, this program provides academic guidance and financial support to the Chinese young scholar who devoting themselves to the income distribution, poverty and related areas.

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